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Abra Moore - No Fear

Abra Moore- No Fear

Artist: Abra Moore
Album: No Fear

1. Someone Elses Mess
2. First Date
3. Home
4. No Fear
5. Lets Do It For Love
6. Taking Chances
7. Trip On Love
8. Big Sky
9. Shining Star
10. Family Affair
11. Paint On Your Wings
12. I Win
13. The End


Abra Moore- With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness

Artist: At The Gates
Album: With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness

1. Beyond Good And Evil
2. Raped By The Light Of Christ
3. The Break Of Autumn
4. Non-Divine
5. Primal Breath
6. The Architects
7. Stardrowned
8. Blood Of The Sunsets
9. The Burning Darkness
10. Ever-Opening Flower
11. Through The Red


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