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Jessica Simpson - Irresistible
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Jessica Simpson - Irresistible

Artist: Jessica Simpson
Album: Irresistible

1. Irresistible
2. A Little Bit
3. Forever In Your Eyes
4. There You Were
5. What's It Gonna Be?
6. When You Told Me You Loved Me
7. Hot Like Fire
8. Imagination
9. To Fall In Love Again
10. For Your Love
11. I Never
12. His Eye Is On The Sparrow
13. Irresistible (Hex Hector Club Mix)


Jessica Simpson - Sweet Kisses

Artist: Jessica Simpson
Album: Sweet Kisses

1. I Wanna Love You Forever
2. I Think I'm In Love With You
3. Where You Are (feat. Nick Lachey)
4. Final Heartbreak
5. Woman In Me (feat. Destiny's Child)
6. I've Got My Eyes On You
7. Betcha She Don't Love You
8. My Wonderful
9. Sweet Kisses
10. Your Faith In Me
11. Heart Of Innocenc


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