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Alan FerberFeatured Artist: Alan Ferber

Year: 2005

Record Label: Fresh Sound New Talent Records

Style: Contemporary Jazz

Musicians: Alan Ferber (trombone), David Smith (trumpet); Will Vinson (alto and soprano saxophone), John Ellis (tenor saxophone), Douglas Yates (bass clarinet), Bruce Saunders (guitar), Bryn Roberts (piano), Alexis Cuadrado (bass), Mark Ferber (drums), Akiko Pavolka (voice)


Alan Ferber, a five star trombonist, composer, arranger and leader has a voice that is always articulate and in this release he keeps in the right balance all the way through has created (along with the others) some wonderful tracks. "New View,” “Scenes From An Exit Row,” “Reunion,” “Get Sassy,” “Jigsaw,” “Long Lost,” “Filin” and “Kayak” surprises us with this spring of bright talent in each composition and arrangement.

His trombone blows through the improvisations and compositions always leading gracefully. This hornman fluctuates from cool to unexpected free playing on “Scenes From An Exit Row” and "Reunion,” then to some mainstream blowing on “Long Lost.” Check out how he displays his sense of swing in “Kayak.”

"New View,” “Scenes,” “Get Sassy” and “Long Lost” are well structured as jazz or classical. “Jigsaw” is definitely a funk piece. Ferber is without a doubt a great arranger, composer and orchestra director. His talents as trombone player are just one gift more.

As a top level leader, Ferber knows how to free the band up to make them whole and then finally adding his print …staying discreet. Alan Ferber's music displays emotion and harmony. In "Scenes from an Exit Row,” he shines as the star he is. It is well orchestrated and has great cohorts. This trombone player is somewhere now in Brooklyn making a new world with his music, and soon... certainly throughout the whole world in a place that perhaps he does not even imagine.


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