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Singles What is the Greatest Obstacle to Finding Your True Love

Have you tried everything you can think of to find your ideal partner and yet nothing worked? Perhaps you've tried dating services, dance classes, joining organizations, relationship seminars, looking in the work place and having friends introduce you to others. Ever wonder why these efforts often fail to bring the right partner into your life? Have you ever asked yourself why some people find true love and not you. I know how you feel.

I tried everything too and searched for over 40 years without success. This may seem surprising to you because I have a Master's Degree in Psychology, studied relationships, used law of attraction strategies and have been a teacher and coach in the field of personal development for over 40 years. And yet my goal to find the right partner eluded me until I was 63 years old in spite of my skills, knowledge, and best efforts.

It was only when I discovered some little known strategies and removed the number one obstacle to finding a soul mate that the love of my life showed up. Thousands Who Want an Ideal Partner Have this Obstacle-but Never Discover it. What is the primary obstacle that prevents so many people from finding and keeping a significant love relationship? The answer is a self-image which contains one or more limiting beliefs. In most cases these are subconscious beliefs which are difficult to detect. These beliefs create inner resistance to the very dream or dreams that you are longing to fulfill. Even if ninety nine percent of you is saying "yes" to your dream of finding true love and one percent at a subconscious level is saying "no," this can be enough to keep you from attracting your significant other.

Even if you use law of attraction strategies, such as imagining your loved one is already in your life and feeling grateful, this will not be enough if you have unconscious resistance. Where do Limiting Beliefs Come From? Many of our limiting beliefs were formed in childhood because we arrived at false conclusions about ourselves. For example, some children might decide that "I am not worthy of being loved" or "I am not good enough" because they did not measure up to their parent's expectations and standards. These beliefs are often forgotten but operate at a subconscious level.

If your limiting beliefs are conscious, you can easily examine them and see if they are true or false. The difficulty arises when these are subconscious beliefs because they are not easy to detect and they have a powerful influence on our lives. Examples of Some Limiting Beliefs. There are many different limiting beliefs which can create an unhealthy self-image.

Here are a few examples: * I don't matter or I am not good enough * I am a failure * I am not worthy of love * People don't like me * People will hurt you * You can't trust the opposite sex * I don't need love or others * I am undeserving of good things There are many other limiting beliefs which can operate at a subconscious level. Any one of them can develop a self-image that is capable of keeping many dreams from coming true. This is why I have been teaching others how to overcome these self-imposed, but often subconscious beliefs. They define and set the limits on our degree of success and fulfillment in life.

I don't know if you have subconscious beliefs which are keeping you from finding your true love. This was true in my case. Deep down inside you probably know the answer because solutions to our dilemmas are within us.

The purpose of this article was not to discuss the variety of strategies for uncovering subconscious limiting beliefs. My purpose was to identify the primary barrier to finding a great love relationship based on my personal and professional experience and to put this before you for your consideration. Now you can look within yourself and decide whether inner resistance could be preventing you from attracting your true love. Copyright 2007.

Raymond Gerson.

Raymond Gerson has a Masters Degree in Psychology and over 40 years experience teaching and coaching self-development. He is the author of Create the Life You Want. He teaches a teleclass called, "Attract the Love of Your Life." For more information go to: http://www.attractyourtruelove.com

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