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Sir Bob Wins Free Your Mind Award

Sir Bob Wins Free Your Mind Award

There was only ever going to be one person in the running for the Free Your Mind award at the EMAs 2005.

Sir Bob Geldof was recognised for his tireless campaigning against world poverty and for the spectacular series of Live 8 concerts staged around the world in July. The former Boomtown Rat made an impassioned speech and said of the award: “This means much more to me than many of the other things that are given to me."

Madonna, who performed at the London Live 8 gig in Hyde Park, was on hand to present him with the honour. She said: "In 2005, my hero is someone who has never been afraid to speak his mind, to ruffle feathers, to get the job done, to get down in the trenches and kick some ass.” She went on to add: "You drive me crazy, you f**ker! I couldn't be more proud than at this moment to present this award."


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